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Parent Questions & Answers

High School Bee College/ Post College Bee​
Sun-Fri 1-3 children $18/hr $20/hr
Sat 1-3 children $20/hr $22/hr
Sun – Fri 4-5 children $20/hr $22/hr
Sat 4-5 children $22/hr $24/hr
Sun-Fri 6 children $23/hr $25/hr
Sat 6 children $25/hr $27/hr

*Please note that group jobs are paid the 1-3 child rate

How are Busy Bees Babysitters vetted?
Each Bee has been referred into the network, interviewed in-person, background checked, must have their CPR certification up-to-date, and must maintain great reviews from the families they work with.

Is there a minimum amount of time I can book a Bee?
We have a 3-hour minimum for all jobs. After 3 hours, pricing is pro-rated to the nearest 15 minutes.

If I get home early, am I charged for the full time I scheduled?
The Bees check in and out on their phones when they arrive and leave your home. As long as the job meets the 3-hour minimum, pricing is pro-rated to the nearest 15 minutes, and you only pay for the time the Bee was there.

How do I change my address in the app?
The only way to update your address is to input a job with the new address. Once a job has been input with your updated/correct address, we will confirm it is within our service area and approve it. You will then be able to mark the new address as default on your profile.

How do I find more information about my Bee?There aren’t “profiles” in the app– ratings for both Bees and families are only seen by our management team, but you can be assured that every Bee in the app has maintained great reviews from each family that have worked with through Busy Bees! We closely watch all ratings and if there is ever anything questionable for a Bee or family, they no longer have access to the app. Every Bee is referred into the network by a current Bee or family, interviewed in-person, background checked, CPR certified (and kept up-to-date), and must keep up great reviews. If you ever have any questions about a Bee, you can always ask us or ask your Bee directly through the in-app messenger!

How do I pay my Bee?
All payment is completed directly in the app—no cash or checks needed! You will check out of each job once your Bee leaves, and there is also the option to add a tip through the app. If you do not check out of the job within 24 hours of the end time, the app will automatically run your card on file.

How do I tip my Busy Bee?
Tips are never expected, but always appreciated if you feel that your Bee went above and beyond! You can add a tip in the app at checkout, or you can give your Bee a cash tip (the Bees are not allowed to accept cash for the hourly payment, hourly payment must be submitted in the app). Either way, your Bee will get 100% of the tip. If you would like to add a tip after checkout, you’ll just go to your “History” section & scroll to the date of the job, then click “add gratuity” to add the tip!

How do I update my credit/debit card information?
To update your card information, click the three lines in the upper-left corner to open the menu, and click “Payment Information”. You will be able to add your new card and mark it as your default card on file.

How far in advance should I input a job request?
We recommend inputting job requests 48+ hours before the start time of the job. You can always input last-minute/same-day requests, and Bees sometimes will accept same-day requests, but the best way to ensure you are booked is to input 48 hours in advance.

What is the cancellation policy?
As of May 1, 2024, the policy is as follows:

  • If you cancel within 0 to 5 hours before the start time, a $50 fee will be charged to your account. $30 of this fee will be sent to the Bee for their time and planning.
  • Cancellations made between 5 to 24 hours before the start time will incur a $10 fee.
  • In case of a cancellation when the Bee arrives or if no one is home (a no-show), a $50 fee will be charged, with $30 going to the Bee.
Please note that there is no fee if you cancel more than 24 hours before the start time or if you are canceling a job that has not yet been booked with a Bee.

How do I request a previous Bee for an upcoming job?
Click the three lines in the upper-left corner to open the menu, and click “My Bees”. In this section, you’ll be able to mark each Bee as “Super Preferred”, “Preferred”, “None”, or “Not a Fit”. Your Super Preferred Bees will see job requests for 3 hours before it becomes available to the rest of the Bees, and your Preferred Bees will see the request for 2 hours before it becomes available to the rest of the Bees. If you mark a Bee as “None”, they will see the job once it becomes available to all Bees. If you mark a Bee as “Not a Fit”, they will not see your job requests in the app.

Can I book a Bee to drive my children?
Yes! Please be sure to select “driving required” in the job request, and include details about where they will be driving (ie: school pickup, spend the afternoon at the Children’s Museum, drive to soccer practice). If your children are in car seats, please properly install them in the vehicle rather than having the Bee install the car seats.

Do the Bees see what I rate them?
All reviews are confidential and only seen by our management team, and we closely monitor all reviews. If a Bee or family ever rates 3-stars or under, we will give you both a call to ensure both parties are still a great fit for the Busy Bees network. We are proud to inform you that under 1% of all reviews come back 3-stars or under, and that all families & Bees must maintain great reviews to stay in the network.

Can I book an overnight job?
Yes, but not through the app! Overnights have pro-rated pricing, and the app is unable to recognize overnight requests. Pricing is $170 for up to 15 hours, $275 for up to 24 hours, and the standard hourly rate for any additional hours (plus $10 booking fee). Please give one week in advance and email us at parents@busybeesbabysitting.com with the dates and times needed, and we will work on booking you with a great Bee!

What should I put as the job end time if I don’t know exactly what time I’ll be home?
If you are not sure what time you are be home, please put the latest estimate as the ‘end time’ in your job request to ensure the Bee is available until you arrive home. If you think you will be more than an hour early or late coming home, please let your Bee know!

What is Busy Bees EIN and business address?
Our EIN is 01-0976155, and business address is 4602 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018.

How do I refer my friends to join Busy Bees Babysitting?
Please have them download the Busy Bees app, complete the application, and they will list you as their referral. You will receive a text asking you a few questions to confirm the safety of their home environment. We love meeting your trusted friends, families, and coworkers! You can easily share the app with friends by clicking the “Share App” button in the app to generate a link for them to download the Busy Bees Babysitting app.

Can I book a Bee in other cities when I am on vacation?
Not quite yet! We are currently available only in the greater Phoenix area. As we expand, we will absolutely let you know!

How do I contact Busy Bees Babysitting if I am having trouble with the app or have questions not listed in the FAQ?
Please text or call us at 513-480-2899, or email us at parents@busybeesbabysitting.com. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to help!

In the unfortunate event that a family is removed from the network, our business practice is to provide a simple notice of removal only. Based on the authority set forth in the Terms and Conditions, we will not engage in negotiation or detailed explanation regarding removal. However, we have provided a few examples of reasons for removal below. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and is included to help provide additional information.

  • Late or excessive overdue payments
  • Unsafe or unclean conditions in the home
  • Inappropriate language or behavior including sexual harassment, discrimination or any hostile communication
  • The family’s referral is removed from the network
  • Direct solicitation of the sitter (circumventing the network is strictly prohibited)